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  • Winters Trail Winters Trail Winters Trail is one of the leading online pet stores. The website was created by me to assist the owner in articulating the love for pets along with the products needed to best care for them.
  • We Move It We Move It We Move It needed a website that supported their brand image. We Move It is based out of New York and plans to spread its operation throughout the east coast.
  • We Move It Evolvingbodyz The owner of Evolving Bodyz wanted to recreate her site to increase her creativity and needed a website that better attracted her audience to the products.
  • We Move It Evolutionfitnessboca This Florida gym needed a face lift and wanted a website that best supported their growing vision for their company.
  • CRAIG OLIVER Oceanic Yacht Management Oceanic Yacht Management, is the premiere yachting service, it was established in 1972. I was able to captivate the founders vision and translate it into a website that not only showcases his services but explains his Brand Story and company’s history.
  • DENOES DENOES PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS Redesigned the online presence and social media presences.
  • Dr. Irving Monkey Docter
  • We move it
  • Evolving Bodys
  • Evolution Fitness
  • Tokyo Japan
  • Jumpstart Your Career
About Me
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My Process
The Design Machine

The creative process typically begins around 5am; I sit and stare deeply into a blank, Microsoft Word canvas while listening to one of Gary Vee’s many iconic rants or inspiring talks. I then look away from computer, grab my trusty, black 256-page notebook, and immediately begin to jam out all of the ideas bouncing around in my brain, diving deeply into my creativity and far out imagination.


This is where my fragmented thoughts are refined, elaborated on, and separated into a plethora of categories just as, colored LEGO blocks are categorized. Each of the categories are constructed to support the ideas main objective all while ensuring that they’re continuously paying attention to every single minuet detail to achieve the end of goal.


During this process, I tend to drip a little bit of my secret sauce into my creations and ideas, I like to call this the “Sammie Sauce,” adding about 25cc’s of this special sauce can turn a shih tzu into a unicorn. This is where my work is given shape and where it truly transforms, “it is said that man can create anything which he can imagine.” With an imagination like mine, I’ve found this to be true on more than one occasion.


Through the aid of my imaginative and creative facilities, I am able to fashion a functional and systematic vessel that will sky rocket about the rest; even the strongest birth will be a poor match to me and what I have to offer.

My Credentials
Statement of Purpose

was born in New York and raised in South Florida, where I currently reside. I’ve served in the United States Army since 2004, and during my time have served two tours in Iraq and am now enlisted as a Reservist. I am currently a Police Officer working the day shift, while pursuing my MBA in Entrepreneurship.

However, this little snippet is not my whole story, it is just a starting point, like where I met Morpheus from the Matrix and was offered the red pill or the blue pill. As you can tell, I decided to take the red pill but, if you’re not familiar with the movie, this may be somewhat confusing. What this means is that I have taken the leap and have left Wonderland and seen what life truly has to offer me. This of course, is all hypothetically speaking, but in the moment I became more self aware, realizing that what I needed to do for myself and the distance that I needed to go in order to reach my goals in life!

Some might say it’s in my DNA, some might say its faith, and others might say its understanding oneself however, I believe it is a mixture of them all. For me, I woke up one day and had such a strong itching feeling to just do something, not just get a job at a local Publix, but do something, really do something that I could take great real pride in.

I was 14 years old and I had absolutely no skill set besides my all new and out of nowhere, determination and yearning desire to do something amazing. I had no idea where it came from but at that moment, I began feeding into my desires. I started out by assisting my neighbor, he had a shoe business, and I started by labeling shoelaces he sold to all different shoe stores nationwide.

Eventually, he trusted me to go and assist him in selling shoes in the shoe store he owned in Jacksonville, Florida. While I was there, I assisted him in attracting an older audience to his store front, I began by crafting different types of handwritten and typed signs, one of which became an instant hit. This was an unexpected occurrence because the only reason it happened was because I misspelled a key word in the sign. Who would’ve thought such an error would attract so many people, but many people took notice and thought it was a unique play on words and came to the store to check out the shoes.

The sign read “Cum and see the padded wonders that we have” with a rough sketch of a shoe. That very day, I was overcome with a huge appreciation for marketing, and wondering how words on a piece of paper, coupled with a good product, moved people to do what you wanted them to do. I wanted to harness it, harvest it, and control it to do bid my own doing.

my work is my brand

Unfortunately, awhile later my neighbor closed down his operation and moved to England, leaving me jobless. Shortly after that, I stumbled on an ad in the newspaper that was advertising for an entry-level position as a Junior Sales Associate with Vector Marketing. After what felt like an intense hiring process I landed the job, I was now a Junior Sales Representative selling Cutco knifes that didn’t dull! How cool right? I thought I was the most amazing thing since sliced toast, my job was to basically make appointments and demo my knife set to all of my neighbors, family members, and my parents friends, for $16 dollars an hour! I would get paid no matter if they purchased the knife set or not.

If you knew me at that time, you would know that I was an extremely shy teenager, but for some odd reason I really loved talking and showing off my demo knife kit to prospective clients. The overall experience of getting to know random, new people was really exhilarating for me. The most troublesome task I had to overcome when starting out was the sales process and learning how to make phone calls to prospective clients and set up appointments. It’s not easy to be a teenager selling knifes over the phone, but I learned a lot while working for Cutco. They taught me how important a good pitch is and how difficult it is to craft up a working sales pitch, but once one has mastered that pitch, whoa how lethal it can be. Cutco really prepared me to understand how important it is to present both a product and myself in a professional way. The opportunity also assisted me in learning how to deal with rejection, and how to effectively communicate with people while building a rapport. Even though my gig with Cutco only lasted about 3 months, I made well over $3,000.00 and was awarded a Certificate for Top Sales in a 2-day period!

This experience helped me to understand the heartbeat of sales and the psychological effect of a bad pitch vs a good pitch! Sadly, I grew bored of selling knifes, and quit Cutco once again finding myself unemployed.

However, one day I ran across an old lawnmower my dad had in the garage and a light bulb flickered off in my head. I quickly cleaned it up and began posting ads around my neighborhood trying to get jobs cutting grass. Fast forward about a year or so later, I was 17 years old and I enlisted the help of my good friend, Thomas, he and I began passing out flyers and we were able to acquire about 17 -20 active accounts that needed our services ranging from weekly to biweekly appointments cutting their lawns. That experience taught me once again that a decent marketing plan coupled with providing sound values, and amazing customer service, equals a successful relationship with consumers. This experience also taught me something about personal brand, even though I was just a 17-year-old kid, myself-brand was looked at and I was viewed as a trusted individual that people could rely on. Throughout my life, I have learned many important lessons as I have continued to grow and chase continual improvement, and all of these lessons have had an immensely large impact on my viewpoint and how I’ve moved forward in both my personal and professional life.

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